LION AIR Group continues to strive to support flight operations and services in Indonesia to date. This includes serving routes in pioneer areas using propeller-type aircraft or propellers that are detrimental.

According to the Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Group, Danang Mandala Prihantoro said the utilization of the ATR 72 (propeller) type aircraft operated by Wings Air was not only not optimal, but also the avtur price was more expensive than the avtur price at major airports. .

“This is because it serves pioneer flights (small airports at the sub-district level), so operations are at a loss. For the operation of this type of ATR aircraft, it is not like jet aircraft,” said Danang, in a recent’s written statement.

Even though they are still at a loss, Wings Air with its ATR 72 aircraft continues to serve the flight network with the following considerations: (1). Efforts to contribute to government programs in line with the regional and national economic recovery phase.

(2). Helping to create interconnected transportation: inter-sub-district, inter-district and between regencies and big cities. Wings Air flights with ATR 72 aircraft are connected to Lion Air Group flight services, which are operated using narrow body and wide body aircraft at large airports as the main hub.

(3). Supporting the smoothness of community mobility and logistics in a fast, safe and secure manner, (4). ATR 72 aircraft accommodate direct flights (point to point) precisely or according to airport infrastructure in areas up to the sub-district level.

Danang added that Lion Air Group always strives to maintain the smooth operation of aircraft, so that it can still contribute to the community by providing safe, healthy, safe and affordable flight services in the future.

“Lion Air Group continues to evaluate performance and make improvements so that it continues to grow and can compete by adapting (responsively and quickly adapting) to the business through corporate strategic steps,” he concluded. [sources/photo special]