BATIK will be a promotional medium for Indonesia. One way is to highlight the typical batik motifs from their respective regions.

“This has great potential in promoting tourism and the creative economy of Indonesia through the diversity of batik found in Indonesia,” said Dedi Ahmad Kurnia, the Communication Strategy and Partnership Coordinator of the Marketing Communications Directorate, Deputy for Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism, Dedi Ahmad Kurnia recently.

“The uniqueness of the motifs made by batik can attract tourists to visit the place where the batik was made. Batik has been a part of Indonesian society since time immemorial. From birth to death, people’s culture is inseparable from the presence of batik cloth,” he said.

He explained that batik is also considered to be a symbol of the diversity of Indonesian culture which can be seen from its motifs. There is a challenge to push batik into a tourism marketing medium. For example, how to make batik as a national identity while preserving it.

“Therefore, in an effort to revive the tourism sector and the creative economy, we should promote batik as a symbol of the nation’s economy because batik is an ecosystem of ancestral cultural heritage,” said Dedi.

A similar opinion was conveyed by the Head of the Yogyakarta Special Region Tourism Office, Singgih Raharjo, who said that the tourism sector and batik craftsmen could collaborate to bring in tourists both from within and outside the country.

“The philosophy and process of making batik can attract visitors, especially those from abroad who want to learn and understand more about Indonesian literature. The storytelling narrative of how this batik can be created is a separate experience for tourists who want to know more about batik,” finished Singgih. [antaranews/photo special]