THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy agreed to cooperate with Tokopedia as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the country to maximize the use of digital platforms in the tourism and creative economy.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the Ministry of Tourism, Martini Mohammad Paham, with Tokopedia Co-founder & Vice Chairman Leontinus A. Edison recently.

The scope of this collaboration is to increase the capacity of human resources; utilization of digital platforms in tourism and creative economy; development of tourism marketing and creative economy; and cooperation and/or other activities in accordance with the duties and functions of each party.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, on the occasion said that this collaboration is expected to help the Indonesian people to enter the digital platform and take advantage of the digital economic growth which is growing significantly.

“We are tasked with creating 1.7 new quality jobs this year and 4.4 million in 2024. As many as 97% of this number are Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs),” he said.

Therefore, the strengthening of MSMEs must continue to be carried out to be able to strengthen the MSME ecosystem. Especially in the face of a potential economic recession due to global economic pressures next year. Currently, around 2% of Indonesia’s total economy occurs in the Tokopedia marketplace, has sold more than 865 million products, and involved more than 12 million sellers.

“We must strengthen our MSME ecosystem so that we can onboard digital platforms. In the future, we want creative economy products such as music, copies of books, animation, and games, we hope that tourism products can also enter e-commerce. So that we can rise up and create a field work,” said Sandiaga.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the Ministry of Tourism, Martini Mohammad Paham said, this collaboration is one of the strategies of the Ministry of Tourism in adapting to current conditions where everyone is already heading to go digital.

“Tokopedia as one of our strategic partners, we can do a lot. Not only human resource development, Tokopedia can also provide us with data on how we can understand the preferences and behavior of the market. Because our policies must be based on data, so this collaboration is expected can provide further input for us in presenting policies,” Martini Paham noted.

Meanwhile, the Co-founder & Vice Chairman of Tokopedia, Leontinus Alpha Edison, said that his party was always committed to helping Indonesian MSMEs, especially since the pandemic where MSMEs were severely affected.

“During its 13 years of existence, Tokopedia has strived to #AlwaysAdaSelalubisa to collaborate with strategic partners, including the Ministry of Tourism, to create a Super Ecosystem – where anyone can start and discover anything – as well as realizing a big mission for Indonesia, which is to achieve economic equality digitally,” he said.

He added that the signing of this MoU is Tokopedia’s commitment to help the progress and development of the tourism sector and Indonesia’s creative economy through the use of technology. Tokopedia also really appreciates input from various deputies at the Ministry of Tourism in the formulation of the future cooperation plan.

“We believe that collaboration to advance the tourism sector and the creative economy in this country can contribute to the economic recovery of the country,” Leontinus concluded. []