INDONESIA’S Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno invites tourism players to take advantage of the momentum of the COVID-19 pandemic to bounce back by focusing on the creative economy as an important contributor to the global economy.

“Let’s collaborate together to take advantage of the pandemic period as a momentum for the revival of the tourism sector and Indonesia’s creative economy,” said Sandiaga at the opening of the 2nd Planet Tourism Indonesia 2021, “Beyond Recovery, Towards Sustainability”, Wednesday (9/22).

Sandiaga said the strength of the creative economy lies in its inclusiveness. The creative economy does not know the limits of the creative economy which also has great potential in achieving sustainable development goals which can be the answer to many problems, not only economic but also social and security challenges.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has several special programs to restore Indonesian tourism to inclusive creative economy development, one of which is the Government Incentive Assistance program. Also, the Proudly Made in Indonesia National Movement which aims to raise people’s enthusiasm in buying Indonesian products. So that it can accelerate the national economy,” Sandiaga remarked.

He added, there are three main strategies in resurrecting the creative economy and tourism sectors which had slumped due to the epidemic that shook the world, namely innovation, adaptation and collaboration.

“I am excited for the tourism and creative economy players who are struggling because he believes there is always an opportunity in the midst of the challenges that have been going on for the past two years. Hopefully the storm will pass, and I urge people to remain optimistic,” he underlined

Last week, Sandiaga in Surabaya said the pandemic presented challenges in the form of digital disruption that occurred on every line, as well as creating various opportunities to the loss of various livelihoods in the tourism and creative economy sectors.

He said the tourism sector is closely related to digitization. This is part of the acceleration challenge in the current era that affects not only the tourism sector but also all sectors in general in the creative economy sector. [antaranews/photo traveltext]