UNESCO encourages Indonesia to continue to preserve Papuan noken bags, which have been listed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List since 2012.

Indonesia has preserved Noken by developing a reference data (database) on Noken, starting from cultivating the Arboretum, developing the skills of craftsmen and other stakeholders in promoting Noken at the national and international level and increasing its economic value, said Ambassador of the Indonesian Permanent Delegation to UNESCO, Ismunandar , in a release received from the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology in Sorong, Tuesday (12/14).

“We appreciate Indonesia’s various efforts to secure the sustainability of noken,” said Ismunandar.

UNESCO also encourages Indonesia to continue efforts to update noken learning materials so that they are easily accessible to students, foster entrepreneurial skills related to noken, and ensure the availability of sustainable raw materials.

“In addition, we also encourage research on the values ​​of noken and disseminate the findings in order to increase knowledge about the symbolism and traditional use of noken as well as about the natural materials used,” he added.

He views that it is necessary to conduct an electronic inventory of noken raw materials to formulate and implement policies related to the protection of these raw materials.

Furthermore, as a form of acknowledgment of the dedication contribution of noken practitioners, UNESCO encourages the provision of cultural awards.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Hilmar Farid separately, said that at the XX PON October 2021, the promotion and popularization of noken had increased widespread appreciation from all Indonesian people. This has simultaneously increased the pride of the Papuan people.

The economic impact is also felt directly by Noken craftsmen, with increasing appreciation and demand for Papuan noken.

“Efforts to preserve noken will continue to be carried out together with relevant stakeholders creatively and innovatively in accordance with the spirit of the 2003 Convention,” he added. [antaranews]