TO CELEBRATE World Oceans Day which falls on 8 June 2022, global digital travel platform Agoda launched the Eco Deals program and partnered with WWF-Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore) to fund and raise awareness of marine habitat restoration initiatives in Southeast Asia and efforts to help flood victims in Australia.

Through Agoda’s Eco Deals, travelers who want to make a more positive impact through their purchase decisions for their trips can choose from a wide range of properties that can provide the opportunity to contribute to community and environmental initiatives in the destinations they visit.

Agoda’s 2021 Sustainable Travel Trends survey found that consumers want to travel in a more sustainable way, with polluted beaches and rivers the number one concern for Filipino tourists; second for Indonesian, Australian and Malaysian tourists; and third for Singaporean tourists.

This is why Agoda collaborated with WWF for its first Eco Deal campaign. The Eco Deal, which runs from 8 June 2022 to 8 December 2022, offers travelers the opportunity to visit Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Australia to choose from a variety of holiday accommodation offers with discounts of up to 15%.

Agoda will also donate US$1 from each booking to conservation WWF Offices to restore marine habitats, such as coral reefs and mangroves in Southeast Asia, or protect flood-affected animals in Australia.

 “In a post-COVID pandemic world, people are increasingly aware of the impact they are having on the places and communities they visit, and are actively seeking ways and means to make their ecological footprint smaller. Through Agoda’s Eco Deals initiative, we are providing an opportunity for consumers to ‘give back’ as part of our partners’ commitment and Agoda’s social responsibility,” said Enric Casals, Regional Vice President Southeast Asia and Oceania in a press release.

He explained that many people travel to different parts of Southeast Asia and Australia to see beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas and the incredible opportunity to dive around coral reefs.

“However, to ensure these places thrive for future generations to enjoy, we must travel in a more responsible way, starting now. The partnership with WWF will help tourists take another step towards sustainable tourism,” continued Casals.

Meanwhile, CEO of WWF-Singapore, R. Raghunathan said the ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet, covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. However, many marine ecosystems face existential threats due to human activities, and we must take action now.

Highlighting this, he explained that WWF-Singapore is well positioned to drive positive change in the Coral Triangle, and the wider region, which is home to a center for marine biodiversity. We look forward to working with Agoda on this partnership to support the conservation of marine ecosystems in the region.

Travelers wishing to support the program can visit to place an order, or search for the Eco Badge badge in the app to find out which properties are participating. []