MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno stressed the importance of active community involvement in supporting the development of tourist villages so as to encourage economic revival and job creation.

“We are socializing this tourist village and the enthusiasm of the community is extraordinary. Community participation is very important to raise the advantages of their respective regions. People must be really aware of tourism and this awareness will be part of the strength of the tourism ecosystem and the creative economy,” said Sandiaga Uno.

The Tourism Awareness Socialization activity took place in Senteluk Village, West Lombok Regency and simultaneously in 4 other villages namely Pusuk Lestari Village in West Lombok Regency, Gili Indah Village and Medana Village in North Lombok Regency and Jerowaru Village in North Lombok Regency which was attended by community groups and tourist players.

In addition to understanding the potential that exists, the public must also understand the important values ​​contained in Sapta Pesona, namely security, order, cleanliness, coolness, beauty, friendliness, and memories.

The actualization of these values ​​is part of daily behavior in serving tourists so that they support the growth of the tourism climate and animate the value of local cultural wisdom. A conscious understanding of tourism is expected to be able to build the mindset of the community so that they become active players in the development of tourism in their area.

“Cleanliness and hospitality are two very important things (to be maintained) and of course no less important is community participation to promote the advantages of their respective regions,” he said.

“The community must be really aware of tourism. They must really be part of the strength of the tourism ecosystem and the creative economy and later investors will come automatically to build homestays with residents, build creative economy products and automatically tourist visits will increase,” Sandiaga concluded.  []