IN AN effort to improve the image of Indonesia’s tourism, Wonderful Indonesia as a tourism brand and Indonesia’s creative economy developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy won the “The Best Government Collaboration for Nation Branding” award at the Indonesia Brand Forum (IBF) Awarding 2022.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno hybridly from the Soesilo Soedarman Hall, Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (9/20) said Wonderful Indonesia was considered to have displayed excellent capabilities in terms of collaborating for nation branding.

“I appreciate the initiative from the Indonesia Brand Forum as a platform for strengthening local brands to host in their own country. I see that one of our most effective ways to get out of this pandemic is because we adapt and collaborate. It is through this collaboration that will lead us to be even more successful in the future,” said Sandiaga Uno.

He explained that currently the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has also collaborated with 70 “Wonderful Indonesia” co-branding partner brands who are collaborating together in building Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy. Co-branding partners come from the tourism and non-tourism industries, such as hotels, restaurants, online travel agents, food and beverages, manufacturing, and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good).

“The ministry cannot work alone in building the Wonderful Indonesia brand as a strong Indonesian tourism and creative economy brand. Synergy and integration are needed that are realized through collaboration and collaboration in the Wonderful Indonesia Co-Branding program,” he said.

He added, thankfully, currently, Indonesia’s tourism competitiveness has increased by 12 ranks to be in the 32nd position in the world, beating countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Hopefully in the future we can continue to improve it.

Currently, the creative economy is one of the largest contributing sectors to the national gross domestic product (GDP) with a contribution value of 7.8%. This number is supported by three main sub-sectors, namely culinary, fashion, and craft. This number also places Indonesia in the top three in the world in terms of contribution to national GDP, behind the United States with Hollywood and South Korea with K-Pop.

Currently, Sandiaga continued, as many as 88.8% of Indonesian consumers say they are more dominant in using and consuming products with domestic brands or brands. So, I want that in the future the tourist attraction is combined with creative economy products so that eventually our products move and open up the widest possible job opportunities.

“I want to invite us to continue to synergize, collaborate, with the 3G platform, namely fast motion, joint movement (geber), and working on all digital and online potentials (gaspol) which are expected to open 1.1 million jobs this year and 4.4 million new jobs in 2024,” Sandiaga concluded.

Meanwhile, Program Director of the Indonesia Brand Forum (IBF), Yuswohady, said that the Wonderful Indonesia program was one of the winners of the 13 other IBF Awarding 2022 winners who had been selected and curated strictly.

IBF assesses that Wonderful Indonesia has succeeded in gathering togetherness, synergy, and collaboration of all elements of the nation, especially with brands and large, medium, and small companies throughout the country to carry out co-branding partnerships for the advancement of Indonesian tourism.

“At the same time creating a strong and respected nation brand in the global arena. IBF 2022 carries the topic “Brand Collab Champion – Winning Thru Coopetition Not Competition”. IBF 2022 emphasizes that in the latest conditions, it is increasingly visible that the business world is increasingly leading to the strengthening of ecosystems in every industry, ” he remarked.

He explained, in conditions like this, a powerful strategy to win the market is no longer competition, but ‘coopetition’, aka collaborating. Because, with collaboration, each party can work together to integrate physical and digital