DOMESTIC tourist destinations are still the favorite and mainstay of Indonesian travelers this year. This year’s favorite destinations, based on traffic at the Online Ticket Week yesterday, are still held by Bali, Medan, and even Surabaya.

According to the Director of Transportation, Andi Hendrawan in a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/16) said that even so, the interest of travelers in the country is no less for foreign tourist destinations, following the loosening of entry rules for the country, the opening of borders, to the ease of making visas and passports.

“During the pandemic, international travel required a lot of restrictions. However, during our Online Ticket Week yesterday, we also recorded a lot of interest and traffic (searches) to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, South Korea and Japan. The enthusiasm was extraordinary, especially the traffic to Japan was very high,” said Andy.

Furthermore, he added that the current momentum of public interest in traveling and vacationing needs to be supported by a variety of attractive offers from various related parties. For example, online travel platforms, airlines, to banking and financial services.

“Hopefully this can be one of the stimuli that can encourage the recovery of the national tourism industry. The tourism industry is starting to show recovery, which is evident from the stretching of various formal and informal sectors of tourism, starting from the surge in transactions from all product lines,” he noted.

In agreement, Traveloka CEO of Transport Iko Putera said that his party as an online travel and lifestyle platform is also committed to providing the best travel experience for users, as well as a follow-up effort in recovering the tourism sector.

“The hope is to be able to advance again and develop the tourism sector in Indonesia. This is also to provide the best service for customers and travellers so they can travel again, and provide fresh air in this industry,” Iko concluded. [antaranews/photo special]