IT IS hoped that batik will become a symbol of economic revival in the creative economy sector, especially the fashion sub-sector.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in Yogyakarta, recently explained, every region in Indonesia has its own distinctive culture that has the potential to be developed, one of which is batik. Batik as a symbol of our economy, because batik is an ecosystem of the nation’s ancestral cultural heritage. Indonesia is also one of the countries that is rich in extraordinary cultural potential.

“This is a very valuable capital for the development of Indonesia’s creative economy. In commemoration of the 2021 National Batik Day, which features 4 (four) pillars, namely: Destinations, Culinary, Cultural Arts, and Fitness/Health. I hope it will not only be an aspect of cultural preservation but also as a driver of the economy and employment,” he said.

Minister Sandiaga Uno explained that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy welcomed collaboration with other parties. It is hoped that this will contribute to the recovery of the tourism sector and the creative economy in driving the economic cycle, especially during the pandemic.

“The pandemic is not over yet; I never tire of reminding you to continue to apply health protocols in a disciplined and strict manner. The pandemic may limit our space for movement, but it will never be able to limit our creative space in working,” he concluded. []