THE PLAN to increase the price of entrance tickets to Borobudur Temple has sparked a polemic. In the midst of the boisterous news, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno conveyed his response regarding the arrangement of visit quotas and special tickets for tourists to Borobudur.

“Borobudur is a super priority destination that we are currently preparing in total. What was conveyed by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment yesterday, of course, is a form of movement across ministries, central government institutions, regional governments and stakeholders,” said Sandiaga Uno in the Weekly Press Briefing, Monday (6/6).

Sandiaga Uno continued, the Ministry of Tourism took strategic steps after receiving so much input regarding the hectic news of the Borobudur entrance ticket from netizens, experts, creative economy entrepreneurs, cultural experts, religious leaders and community leaders. The Ministry of Tourism will coordinate the input considering it is the aspiration of the community.

Responding to the concerns of Buddhists to worship related to the increase in the price of entrance tickets to Borobudur Temple. The Tourism Ministry will accommodate and find the right way out so that Buddhist worship is not disturbed.

“Well, for our Buddhist friends, the concerns are the same, we will formulate it, we don’t want to discriminate against Buddhists who want access to Borobudur Temple,” Sandiaga remarked.

He explained that Borobudur is our civilization and this is a relic of our cultural heritage, from our ancestors, how do we ensure that Borobudur is an environmentally friendly destination.

“Reports in recent years have shown that the wear and tear of the stones at Borobudur Temple has experienced drastic degradation. For this reason, the Ministry of Tourism will continue to coordinate regarding the development of tourist villages around Borobudur Temple,” he concluded. []