THE OLDEST cable trains in Asia and one of the must-visit tourist destination in Hong Kong, Peak Tram, invites visitors to go back down the trip to the tops of a stunning with a trem car that is redesigned, terminals and facilities that are increased starting August 27, 2022.

As written in a press release received in Jakarta on Saturday, the new Peak Tram will present a charming view of Victoria Harbor and new experiences, which makes Peak Tram as one of the newest locations among the many tourist attractions and interesting experiences in Hong Kong.

The new Peak Tram uses the classic “Peak Tram Green”, as a form of appreciation for the inheritance and generation of the previous tram in the 20th century. The new peak tram increased its capacity to 75 percent, carrying 210 passengers, and the larger window offers views of the worldwide Hong Kong horizon directly in the world.

In addition to the modern tram carriage design, the updated Trem Terminal also offers an attractive and entertaining experience for passengers consisting of five zones.

When entering Central Terminus, visitors will be welcomed by the Eye of Infinity, a 10-meter statue that displays the appearance of a developing light that embodies the spirit of the glory of Hong Kong, while Go Wild at the Peak displays a variety of wildlife found in The Peak with video experience thorough and deep.

The history of one hundred years of peak tram since 1888 lived in the form of dynamic experiences in The Beating Heart, an icon is born, and once upon a tram.

A new adventure that is exciting waiting in Hong Kong and Peak Tram is one of the mainstay tours in the new campaign “New Adventure at any time” launched by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). [antaranews/photo special]