THE “second home” visa scheme offered to foreign nationals could attract more investment and open new job opportunities in Indonesia, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna Laoly said here on Monday (10/31).

“Second home” visas will support foreign investments in Indonesia as they will allow investors to stay in Indonesia for five to ten years,” he explained.

He explained that for instance, I know a specialist doctor, an Indonesian (diaspora member) who retired in the United States. When they purchase a home, an apartment, they will need a chauffeur and a maid. That is how new jobs will be created, and their money will also circulate in Indonesia.

“The “second home” visa scheme is expected to bolster economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme will provide a new avenue for Indonesian diaspora to return to Indonesia and contribute to the national economy,” he noted.

“I earlier met an Indonesian diaspora working in the United States and want to return home, but they are concerned that they will lose their pension and social security if they obtain Indonesian citizenship. Hence, (with the scheme), they could come to Indonesia to purchase a house or an apartment, and they could stay in Indonesia for five to ten years,” the minister said.

Yasonna Laoly added that I clarified that the “second home” visa scheme would not cause a surge in the migration of foreign nationals, particularly Chinese nationals, to Indonesia.

“Malaysia has enacted a similar program, called the Silver Hair Visa, earlier than us, and there is no migration surge there. We have Bali, and we have other regions (that could be their destination) because they are required to invest here,” he remarked.

Last October, the ministry launched the “second home” visa to help foreign nationals wishing to invest in Indonesia by allowing long-term stays.

The ministry requires “second home” visa applicants to submit proof of funds amounting to a minimum of IDR2 billion (US$128 thousand), a passport that is valid for at least 36 months, curriculum vitae, and other administrative documents. The “second home” visa application fee is set at IDR3 million (US$192) for each applicant. [antaranews/photo special]