ALONG with the government’s limited meeting, we have conveyed the material and the Bali agglomeration, although tonight we will determine whether it will go down. However, if it goes down this will be our signal for the opening of Bali.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, during the Weekly Press Briefing, Monday (8/30) said that the decline in COVID-19 cases in Bali is an indication that tourism will reopen on the Island of the Gods after the Java Community Activity Restrictions Enforcement Java-Bali.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will also prepare pre-conditions for the opening of Bali tourism, including the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) which manages The Nusa Dua area which is designated as a green zone, to then review the extent of its readiness.

He explained, learning from the Phuket Sandbox area, the Ministry of Tourism currently has one focus so that local transmissions that occur in Phuket and are significantly reduced can be applied in Bali later.

“The Ministry of Tourism is still coordinating with the Bali Provincial Government, the COVID-19 Task Force, and other relevant parties regarding the plan to reopen Bali for tourists. On this occasion, I also do not tire of inviting all Indonesian citizens, especially Bali to always implement strict health protocols and discipline and visit existing vaccination centers and strengthen 3T namely Testing, Tracing, and Treatment,” he pointed out.

Minister Sandiaga added, then the Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE)  protocol that we continue to encourage and strengthen is part of the efforts to build public and consumer confidence. Meanwhile, the Balinese people’s sense of belonging to culture, nature and various things they have cannot be doubted. That people are so guarding their culture which is an attraction for tourists.

However, when he asked about whether it is possible for Bali to be used as a health tourism destination and medical tourism destination? Because Bali no longer has to rely on just the leisure market share after the COVID-19 pandemic? Minister Sandiaga then replied that health tourism is one of the programs that will be run by the Tourism Ministry.

“Indonesia has started to move towards good quality and will soon be able to compete with hospitals abroad. Things that need to be improved from the hospital is the service aspect. Jakarta, Medan and Bali are planned to be promoted as health tourism destinations. Now, for the promotion of health tourism, it will be carried out first by targeting domestic tourists, especially those who have often been doing treatment or medical check-ups abroad,” he concluded. []